Social media made simple - Engaging your audience

Social media made simple - Engaging your audience

So I’ve set up my business accounts and I’m getting active on social media! How do I get more followers and improve engagement?

You’ve taken the first step to Getting Socially Active and that’s a great place to start - but don’t expect any instant results for your business. The next step is to attract the right people to buy into your brand and to build a social following on your chosen platforms. Here’s how…

There’s no easy way to say this. Getting social to work effectively for your business is going to require time and effort! Time to understand each social platform individually and how they are used by your audience. Effort to produce interesting, relevant and ultimately shareable content.

Social media is great for engaging your customers directly but it can also be a fantastic tool for listening. Forget what you think you know about your audience and take the time to really understand your potential customers’ social habits; what organisations and brands do they follow? What community pages and groups are they a member of? What type of content do they like and share? Take a look at your competitors social accounts and assess both what they are doing well and areas where they can improve.

When you have a basic appreciation of who your audience is and where they socialise online, get involved and participate in the conversation! As your business - ‘like’, ‘share’ and ‘comment’ appropriately on others posts. This is ‘social’ media after all!

Remember that your ‘tone of voice’ should be authentic - look to achieve the right balance of both the ethos of your business and your own personality. Use informal language and don’t frighten people off (or worse, offend them) by driving a ‘hard sell’ from the get go! Be helpful, be generous, be non-intrusive and people will start to think of you first when they need your product or service.

Create interesting, relevant and (ultimately) shareable content. What knowledge or resource do you own that your customers would find useful and that they can’t get anywhere else? What can you offer that your competitors can’t? Produce a how-to-guide, a white paper, an interesting blog post, an infographic or some other useful content. Then give it away - for free! Do this regularly (once per month) along with your other standard content sharing / posting (3 times per week as a minimum) and you’ll notice your following and engagement levels growing significantly over time.

Be visible. When you have that ‘killer content’ - make sure the right people see it. Use paid Facebook or LinkedIn promotion to target the right demographic and drive traffic to your pages. Post it in the relevant ‘group’ and ‘community pages’, use the appropriate hash tags and ask your friends, followers and connections to share it on your behalf. your social media marketing partner

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