Going custom could be your best move

When it comes to home loans, one size doesn’t fit all.

03 Apr 2019 | Home finance & property | Share:
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Not all borrowers have the same needs, and so depending on your situation, a customised loan may be the best option to help you into your dream home.

And with the current lending climate making accessibility to finance more difficult, a customised solution is a good option to consider when on the hunt for your next home.

Are you self-employed?

Borrowers who are self-employed or earn an income through contract or seasonal work may struggle when it comes to finding a home loan.

Some lenders, like Liberty, can find alternative ways to verify your income and offer low-doc or no-doc solutions to help you into your new home.

Any credit blemishes?

Life has its ups and down, but your homeownership goals don’t need to suffer.

Alternative lenders like Liberty take your full financial history into account to better understand your story. By doing so, they can find ways to work with your credit history to help you find a loan that suits you.

Share your story upfront

If your circumstances aren’t straightforward, it’s a good idea to first explain your situation to the lender before formally applying for the loan. That way, your credit report isn’t unnecessarily impacted. Your broker can help you with this process.

A regular check-up

Once you’ve chosen a loan, that’s not the last of it. A mortgage broker can help you if your circumstances change down the track.

The property market is ever-changing, so it can pay to assess your loan regularly to make sure it continues to be the best product for you.

For more information on whether a custom solution is a suitable product for you, contact a Liberty Adviser.