What's next for SMSF lending?

The SMSF lending landscape is changing – but thankfully there are still options.

22 Aug 2018 | Home finance & property | Share:
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Self-managed super funds (SMSFs) have been growing in popularity.

They currently make up over 30% of total superannuation assets in Australia, and this number is expected to increase.

However despite their popularity, some lenders have recently stopped servicing this important part of the market.

What does this mean for those wanting to create their own SMSF, or diversify their existing SMSF portfolio by investing in property? Well, thankfully there are still flexible lenders like Liberty ready to help SMSF borrowers.

Why invest in property via your SMSF?

Buying an investment property through your SMSF means your superannuation fund is working for you in a different way to having it invested in an industry fund, or in shares, for example.

Many investors like residential and commercial property because they are more tangible than other investments.

To read more about what a SMSF is, how they work and what you can do with them, read our blog here.

What’s next for SMSFs?

SMSFs will remain an important part of the superannuation mix. However, while there are benefits to buying property through your SMSF, there are also some risks.

Anyone considering creating a SMSF to purchase property should seek the advice of a qualified financial adviser.

If creating an SMSF is right for you, or you’ve already got one and are looking to add to your portfolio – remember that Liberty is still helping Australians purchase property through their SMSF.

Reach out to your local Liberty Adviser today and ask if they can assist you in securing a SMSF loan.