Free thinking car finance for self-employed people.

If you’re self-employed, chances are that you haven't taken the conventional path and we like that about you. At Liberty, we think differently too and we recognise that competitive car finance should be available to all hard working Australians.

We don’t do things like other lenders. When you take a low-doc car loan with Liberty, we’re open to finding alternative ways to verify your income that better reflect your true financial position.

At a glance

Rate (per annum)
RateFrom 6.24%
Maximum loan amount*$80,000
Minimum loan amount$5,000
Maximum loan term7 years
Minimum loan term2 years
Repay weekly, fortnightly, monthlyavailable
Balloon payments**available
Loan Options

If you have a Liberty car loan, we can help when you want to lighten the load - with our Flexible Payment Arrangement (FPA).

With FPA, you can reduce your monthly repayments by up to two thirds when you want to use your money for other things.

When can you use FPA?

You can use FPA whenever you like after the first six months of your car loan, providing that you have made all your repayments on time. Just give two days' notice prior to the next payment date. Use it again if you have kept all your repayments up to date during the preceeding two months.

How often can you reduce repayments?

Loan Term Number of payment reductions
84 months 14 repayments
72 months 12 repayments
60 months 10 repayments
48 months 8 repayments
36 months 6 repayments
24 months or less N/A

Using FPA will increase your subsequent regular repayments because the amount of the reduction will be added to your loan balance and spread over your remaining repayments. As interest is calculated on your outstanding loan balance, you may pay more interest over the period of your loan if you use FPA.

Call 13 11 33 to enquire about the costs of purchasing and using the Flexible Payment Arrangement product option.

You’ve got your loan and bought your car, and you’re a happy motorist!

But if your car gets written off, loan repayments must still be met and that’s where Insurance Shortfall Protection (ISP) can help.

If your car is written off, ISP will cover any balance on your car loan, leaving you with peace of mind.

When does ISP apply?

  1. You have kept your car appropriately and comprehensively insured.
  2. Your car has been declared a total loss by your insurer, per the conditions of your insurance policy.
  3. A full settlement of the claim has been made by your insurer.
  4. There is an outstanding balance due on your loan after the insurance payout is fully applied to the loan.

Call 13 11 33 to enquire about the costs of purchasing and using the Flexible Payment Arrangement product option.

Application feeVaries
Ongoing fee$5 per month
Discharge fee$125
Start-up/established businessavailable
Flexible payment optionsavailable
Alternative income verificationavailable

Did you know?

At Liberty we think differently about car loans for self-employed people. Whether you’ve been in business for years or are running a new business start-up, our low-doc car loans offer you fuss-free finance.

With our low-doc car loans, we don’t get hung up on your past. We can assess any kind of irregular income, along with your current financial circumstances, to give you the best car loan interest rate possible. your social media marketing partner

*Maximum loan for Start-Up is $50,000 and $35,000 for applicants under 23 years of age. ** Maximum vehicle age applies. ^Other fees, charges and commissions may apply.

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