Commercial loan repayment calculator

Using our commercial loan calculator

Simply enter your preferred loan amount, loan type, interest rate, loan term and payment cycle below to find out what your commercial loan repayments could be. You can use this commercial loan repayment calculator as many times as you like.


Understanding your loan repayments

We know investing in commercial property is a big deal, which is why Liberty is here to support you. Our commercial loan repayment calculator can help you with decision making around growing your investment portfolio or expanding your commercial business.

You can use it to estimate the weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payments on a new commercial loan. You can also use this simple commercial loan calculator to explore the impact of different features. For example, it can help you estimate how opting for principal and interest will impact your repayments, compared with an interest only loan.

Choosing a commercial loan

Commercial loans can be used to help grow your business, buy new assets, invest in property, or simplify existing business debts. Essentially, you can use a commercial loan for any worthwhile business purpose. There are a range of loan options available – it’s all about finding the right one for you. Liberty offers full doc, low doc, long term and short-term commercial loans to support your business journey.

From helping secure your business property, to a cash injection for the next business adventure, there are various flexible options on offer. If your preference is to avoid regular financial check-ins, a low-rate commercial loan with a 30-year loan term could be a smart option. Maybe your business needs a quick cash boost? In which case a short-term commercial loan with a clear exit strategy could help you say yes to a limited-time opportunity. If you’re self-employed and don’t have complete financial records, a low doc commercial loan may be a suitable option.

Why choose a Liberty solution?

Whether you’re looking to invest or to help boost your business – Liberty has a range of free-thinking commercial loans to help give you greater flexibility. Regardless of whether you’re self-employed or looking for a short-term commercial loan, we love working with free thinkers to help them achieve their commercial and investment goals. We also take the time to understand your circumstances so we can help you find the best loan match for your situation.

Taking the next step

For support determining if a full doc, low doc, long term or short-term commercial loan is right for your business or property investment goals, speak with a Liberty Adviser today. At Liberty, we also understand things don’t always go according to plan. That’s why your Liberty Adviser will look at more than your credit history to help find a commercial solution that works for you. Ready to get started? Find a Liberty Adviser near you.

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