Diversity and inclusion

At Liberty, we believe that our people are our most important asset – and we’re proud to offer an extensive range of initiatives to support diversity and inclusion within our community.

Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity

Our Culture and Community team host a series of World Expo events, which focus on educating all staff on the variety of cultures and religions within the Liberty community. Staff members and external speakers present to the wider company, aiming to raise awareness around cultural heritage, customs and traditions which form part of everyday lives of those within our community.

Women at Liberty

Women at Liberty

At Liberty, women comprise 44% of Liberty’s workforce and hold 40% of group manager roles. We’re proud to have achieved a 50:50 gender balance amongst team leaders, and we continue to work towards gender parity across the business. Our range of leading initiatives offer support, guidance, training and resources for females across the business.


Liberty Pride

The Liberty Pride Network helps to maintain a safe environment for members of the Liberty community who identify as LGBTQIA+. The network hosts regular workshops, education sessions, celebrations and social events for team members, their family and friends. Working toward greater LGBTQIA+ awareness and advocacy is a key goal for Liberty, with our Pride Network helping to lead the way.



Liberty recognises the importance of reconciliation, and we strive to create a truly inclusive and equitable society. Working closely with Reconciliation Australia, we have committed to a formal Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) designed to build awareness and provide tangible benefits for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Guest Speaker

Guest speakers

Liberty holds a regular schedule of guest speakers to share stories from all walks of life. From International Women’s Day and R U OK? Day to hearing from our First Nation’s People – the presentations are designed to help us better understand one another and continue to foster an inclusive workplace.


"At Liberty, our vision is for inclusion to become part of our everyday culture, rather than a specific area that requires education, awareness and effort on just a few dates of the year."

Anne Bastian

Chief People Officer