Application Assessment

When we assess credit applications, Liberty and other lenders rely on information from a number of sources, including but not limited to information you provide to us and the credit information disclosed to us by credit reporting bodies. Your application may be unsuccessful due to information contained within your credit report, for example.

Therefore, it is important to be proactive in checking the accuracy of the credit information that credit reporting bodies hold about you. For more information or to request access to your credit report information please visit the website of the relevant credit reporting agency. Access is usually available free of charge if your request is within 90 days of credit being refused.

We take other factors into account when refusing credit applications which may include:

  • The adequacy of the applicant(s) income and other resources to meet repayments;
  • The extent of an applicant(s) indebtedness and other commitments;
  • Stability of an applicant(s) employment;
  • Applicant’s credit history including previous bankruptcy, defaults, serious credit infringements, high number of credit applications and unsatisfactory repayment history.

For more information on how to request access to or correct your credit information or to make a formal complaint please refer to our Privacy Policy. your social media marketing partner

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