Target Market Determinations

Target Market Determinations You can access our target market determinations on this page.

Our target market determinations have been made under section 994B of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

Their purpose is to describe the customers our products have been designed for, how we permit our products to be distributed and how we ensure that our target markets remain relevant to our products.

Our target market determinations are not recommendations and offer no opinion or advice. They do not summarise or explain the terms or risks of the product and are not to be mistaken for offer or disclosure documents.

Liberty Products:

Liberty Asset Loan (Motor and Caravan

Liberty Sharp Home Loan

Liberty Star Home Loan

Liberty Free Home Loan

Liberty Nova Home Loan

Liberty SuperCredit (SMSF)

Liberty Term Investment Fund

Liberty Secured Personal Loan

Liberty Unsecured Personal Loan