Free-thinking commercial loans that unlock potential

Liberty’s free-thinking commercial loans were designed with borrowers in mind. Whether you’re looking to invest, or to help boost your business, we have a wide range of options that give you flexibility. We also take the time to understand your circumstances so we can help you find the best loan match for your goals. For free-thinking commercial loans, think Liberty.

  • Low rates
  • 5 year interest only
  • No-doc options
  • Set and forget facilities
  • Low-doc options
  • No hidden fees
  • Property investors
  • Quick assessment
  • SMSF loans

Commercial loan solutions for the free-thinker

What is a commercial loan?

A commercial loan uses commercial property as security for the amount being borrowed. Most commonly commercial loans are used to buy commercial property, fund business operations or to buy business equipment.

What documentation is required for a commercial loan application?

Document requirements vary based on the type of commercial loan you need. For example, the documents needed for our low-doc commercial loan will differ from those required for our LeaseStream product.

How can a commercial loan help me build my property portfolio?

Investing in commercial property can offer cash flow benefits, longer rental periods for greater rental certainty and there are often fewer ongoing expenses for those wanting to build their portfolio. Liberty commercial loans provide flexibility and cater to each customer’s unique circumstances and investment goals.

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