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General terms for all website users

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  • To the extent that general advice is provided on this website, it is provided by one or more of the following Liberty Group entities based on the circumstances and context in which the advice is given:

    • Liberty Financial;

    • Liberty Network Services Pty Ltd ABN 65 151 158 628 Australian Credit Licence 408042;

    • Secure Funding Pty Ltd ABN 25 081 982 872 Australian Credit Licence 388133;

    • Liberty Fiduciary Limited ABN 80 119 884 623 AFSL 303137;

    • Assured Credit Management Pty Ltd ABN 23 096 859 782; and

    • LFI Group Pty Ltd ABN 31 138 903 581 AFSL 413613.

  • This website provides general information about Liberty Group products and services. Unless you use this website to apply for a Liberty Group product:

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    • Liberty Financial recommends that you seek independent advice in relation to the information contained on this website.

  • If you use this website to apply for a Liberty Group Product, the Terms of Use for online applications will apply, and you may be asked to agree to additional terms and conditions relating to the particular product.

  • LFI Group Pty Ltd holds an Australian Financial Services Licence, number 413613 (AFSL) and is authorised under its AFSL to deal in and provide general advice on general insurance products and life insurance products. All information about insurance products is general information only and does not take your personal needs, objectives and circumstances into account.

  • Applications for credit are subject to Liberty Financial’s lending criteria policy applicable at the time of the application.

Products issued by Liberty Fiduciary Limited

  • Unless expressly stated otherwise, any information provided on this website in relation to an investment fund is provided by Liberty Fiduciary Limited. Liberty Fiduciary Limited holds an AFSL, number 303137 and is authorised under its AFSL to act as a responsible manager of the investment funds referred to on this website (Funds). Liberty Fiduciary Limited is not a bank.

  • Liberty Financial holds an AFSL, number 286596, and is authorised under its AFSL to act as an investment manager of the Funds.

  • Information on this website about the Funds is general information only and does not take your personal needs, objectives and circumstances into account. Please read the relevant product disclosure statement (PDS) before making a decision on whether to invest. You should consider seeking independent professional advice as to the suitability of the products or services to your particular circumstances. Neither Liberty Financial nor any company within the Liberty Group or any named third party guarantees the repayment of capital or the performance of the Funds. The holding of units in a fund is subject to investment and other risks. This could involve delays in repayment and loss of income or capital invested. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. Application for investments in any investment fund described on this website can only be made by Australian residents on the application form attached to a copy of the current PDS. Liberty Fiduciary Limited is the responsible manager of all investment funds. Liberty Financial is the investment manager of all investment funds. These entities are entitled to fees in relation to these roles. The PDS is available from this website and may be downloaded for viewing and printing purposes. Alternatively, copies of the PDS can be requested from Investor Services by calling 13 11 33 or emailing investorservices@liberty.com.au.

  • The information on this website is based on current laws and their interpretation, including taxation laws. The levels and basis of taxation may change. The application of many laws, including taxation laws, depends upon an investor's individual circumstances. Therefore, you should consider seeking professional advice on the legal and taxation implications of investing and should not rely on the information provided, which should be used as a guide only.

We accept no additional liability in relation to this website

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You indemnify us

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We retain all intellectual property

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  • Unauthorised use of Liberty Financial and its registered trademarks is prohibited.

Terms of use for online applications

If you apply for a product or service via this website, the following, additional terms apply:

  • Liberty Financial facilitates applications by creditworthy borrowers aged over 18 years for unsecured personal loans via this website, funded by Secure Funding Pty Ltd ACN 081 982 872 Australian Credit Licence Number 388133, trading as Liberty Financial.

  • We appreciate that your time is important, so when you enquire about a loan on our website, we aim to tell you what the loan may cost you as soon as we can via a rate estimate service. As part of this process, we obtain your credit score from a Credit Reporting Body (CRB) which, combined with other information that you tell us, forms the basis on which we provide a rate estimate tailored to you. We make certain assumptions about you at this early stage to provide you with a rate range, and if you’re interested in continuing with us, we will provide you with an exact quote for our fees and interest rate when you complete your application, if we can organise a loan to you.

  • Unfortunately, at times it will not be possible for us to give you a rate estimate, and generally it will be because we’ve been unable to access your credit history. This could be due to the fact that one doesn’t exist for you (particularly if you are new to the country) or because a server is down. If this is the case, we’ll ask you to complete our full application form, where we can get more information from you to make a comprehensive assessment about whether a loan is suitable for you.

Verification of your identity and financial situation

  • If you apply for a loan, we will engage a CRB, and where indicated other service providers, to help us verify your financial information and identity. We’ve put these services in place to help give you the fastest possible loan assessment and service.

  • Some of these services are optional and you can choose not to use them. If you choose not to, your loan assessment might take longer because we’ll ask you to provide the information we need using an alternative process, and this information will need to be verified before we can organise a loan for you.

  • We will charge you an establishment fee for these services. As noted above, we will advise you of the amount of this establishment fee after you complete your application. You will not have to pay the establishment fee unless and until you accept your loan offer and your loan has been established.

Alternate loan offers

  • At times, we may offer to organise a loan for you that’s not exactly what you’ve asked for. This loan offer may be of a lower loan amount and/or a longer loan term. This will occur because the loan you requested falls outside of our lending criteria, and rather than say no, we’ve organised you a loan that we believe is suitable for you, for example. You don’t have to accept the loan offer and if you choose not to, we will not charge you anything.

  • Before accepting a loan offer, you should consider if the loan suits your needs and helps you achieve your goals.

Account and membership registration

  • After you obtain a rate estimate from us, we’ll ask you to register an account. This is required prior to you applying for a loan with us. You don’t have to set up an account with us, however if you don’t we may be unable to offer you a loan.

  • Certain parts of our website are restricted to registered customers only. For example, if you’re a borrower and have a Liberty Financial loan, we’ll give you an account to access various loan tools and the ability to update your contact details with us.

  • To access the restricted areas, we require you to set up a login and password. You must ensure that your login details are sufficiently secure. You also agree to take all reasonable steps to safeguard your password. Your login details (including passwords) are specific to you, and your login details must never be shared, written down or stored in a place that’s easily discovered. If you share your password and a fraud occurs, you may be responsible for the resulting loss.

  • If you become aware of your login details becoming known to someone else, you must change your password, and if your login details have been accessed without your authorisation you must notify us immediately.

  • You agree that we can contact you by phone, email, text and mail. We’ve implemented security measures on our website and in our business practices to protect the integrity of our business, your account and your personal information. For example, to safeguard your interests, particularly when we are receiving instructions to disburse loan funds, we may call or text to verify your instructions, and we may not carry out the instructions received until we have been able to adequately verify that the instructions are genuine and legitimately came from you.

Other terms

  • You undertake that information that you provide us is true and correct and unless you disclose to us that you are representing a third party, we will assume that it is yours to provide. You will not provide us any information that you are not legally entitled to provide.

  • You agree to communicate with us electronically as well as through other means (such as SMS and phone), so that we may provide you with loan offers, account updates statements, notices and other information relating to your account by email. Paper documents will not be given, and you must check the accounts you have provided to us (including your email account and phone number) for communications from us. You can choose not to consent to this, or withdraw your consent, by indicating on your application for your service, but this will mean that we cannot provide you with many of our services.

  • You may not sell, transfer or assign your account or any part of the terms of any agreement that you enter with us, including these Terms of Use.

  • We may limit or restrict the availability of our services or the provision of any content to particular persons, geographic areas, or jurisdictions, at any time if we think that doing so is necessary to protect you, other users of Liberty Financial or Liberty Financial broadly. For clarity, the terms and conditions applying to any loans that we have already organised for you will not be affected by this limitation.

  • You understand and consent to the Liberty Financial privacy policy and authorise exchange of your information as outlined in that policy to better provide you with our services.

  • You understand that all consents that you grant and have granted to the Liberty Group will remain in place for as long as our services are provided to you.

  • By using our website over a mobile device, you agree that we may send communications to your mobile device and collect information from your device, as described in our privacy policy.

  • If any legislation applying to these Terms of Use contradicts any clause within these Terms of Use or causes them to become illegal, void or unenforceable then; these Terms of Use are to be read as if that provision were varied to the extent necessary to comply with that legislation, or if necessary omitted.

Our rights

  • We may restrict, suspend, change or terminate all or part of the services that you can access on the website without liability to you in certain circumstances including during scheduled or emergency upgrades or maintenance of our website or if there is a system outage affecting us, or one of our service providers that is outside our reasonable control. We may also restrict or suspend your access if you are in breach of our terms or are a victim of fraud.

  • We may suspend or terminate your account or your use of the services or otherwise deny you access to the services at any time if we reasonably suspect that information you have provided is untrue, inaccurate, not current, or incomplete. In some circumstances, we may have to do this without notice to you.

  • At all times, we will retain sole ownership over your account information.

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