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How to budget for travel goals
Budgeting your way to your next holiday

Turning your idea into reality.

Robyn Slater
Robyn Slater 2024-03-27T03:46:00.000Z ・ [ "<p>Dreaming of your next getaway? From beach holidays to road trips, adventures of all kinds are waiting for would-be travellers.</p><p>While planning is exciting, preparing for the costs involved can sometimes be a journey itself.</p><p>Navigate the path towards your next trip with these savvy tips.</p>", "<h3><b>Be organised and flexible</b></h3><p>Planning early and approaching with flexibility could lead to greater choice and potentially better deals.</p><p>Peak travel periods can often come with a hefty price tag so try and be flexible with your dates. Consider booking in advance to help keep your costs low.</p>", "<h3><b>Set up a budget</b></h3><p>A clear budget could help you strike a balance between indulging in memorable experiences and managing your costs. Start with your expected expenses and remember to save room for the spontaneous moments.</p>", "<h3><b>Consider extra cash flow</b></h3><p>If you’re planning your getaway and looking for extra cash flow, a <a href=\"/blog/loan-school/the-ultimate-guide-to-personal-loans\" uuid=\"e5c56c9f-9a73-4968-9e88-3f5593caf9d2\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">personal loan</a> could help. With additional funds on hand, you could stretch your budget further or snap up limited offers. Some lenders like Liberty offer fast <a href=\"/personal-loans/\" uuid=\"437f4c2c-150f-4efe-8146-8ff1c14d686f\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">online applications</a>, so when the time is right, you can lock in your trip.</p>", "<h3><b>Hit the road</b></h3><p>If flights don’t quite fit your budget or you’re looking to explore your own backyard, a road trip could be another getaway option. Your own set of wheels lets you explore hidden gems comfortably and at your own pace.</p><p>Looking for the right vehicle for your journey? Consider if a <a href=\"/car-loans/\" uuid=\"e44db8e5-5bde-448f-91db-bc8e32038df1\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">car loan</a> or <a href=\"/caravan-loans/\" uuid=\"7af9c9cf-bf69-41c0-891d-9ba70f88dcfb\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">caravan loan</a> could help you reach your destination without splashing your cash all at once.</p>", "<h3><b>Chat with an expert</b></h3><p>Before packing your bags, get to know more about your lending options that could have you saying ‘yes’ to a getaway, sooner.</p><p>Consider speaking with a lending expert such as a <a href=\"/about-us/find-an-adviser\" uuid=\"b5701f78-b8e3-452b-8071-ce020698bab0\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">Liberty Adviser</a> for help to embark on your next adventure.</p>" ] min read
Tips to balance love and money blog
Tips to balance love and money

Talking money can be daunting, but it could help you achieve big things together.

Shelby Waugh
Shelby Waugh 2024-02-06T10:30:00.000Z ・ [ "<p>If love is in the air and big plans are on the horizon, it might be time for an important conversation with your significant other.</p><p>While talking about finances can be daunting, it could help you team up and reach your goals sooner.</p><p>Here are a few hot topics to help you start the conversation.</p><h3><b>Setting joint goals</b> </h3><p>It can be helpful to look ahead and decide what you both want to achieve in the next five, 10 or 15 years together.</p><p>From planning your dream wedding to buying a family home – discussing your next steps as a couple can help you work together to bring your ambitions to life.</p><h3><b>Building a budget</b></h3><p>Understanding where your money is going, what your essentials are and what you can do without, can help you plan for the future and budget appropriately.</p><p>If you need a simple way to work out your joint expenses, an <a href=\"\" linktype=\"url\">online budget planner</a> can give you a quick overview and help keep things on track.</p>", "<h3><b>Sharing your history</b></h3><p>If you’ve experienced a few bumps in the road, it can be daunting to share your credit history. But an open discussion can help you achieve your lending goals more effectively.</p><p>Remember there are several lenders, like Liberty, who may be able to help you get closer to your goals even with a <a href=\"/blog/loan-school/what-to-do-about-your-partner-s-credit-history\" uuid=\"10c6d788-4ab7-4f22-baff-fffbeed98f55\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">less than perfect credit history</a>.</p><h3><b>Explore homeownership options</b></h3><p>Homeownership is the first big lending goal for many couples. Before you set your heart on a property, it’s important to consider the finer details.</p><p>When you buy property together, you can choose to do so as joint tenants or tenants in common. Each option has its own quirks, so it’s a good idea to discuss both choices with your legal adviser.</p><p>For guidance on your journey from a lending expert, speak with a <a href=\"\" linktype=\"url\">Liberty Adviser</a>.</p>" ] min read
Tips to help you achieve your new year goals
Steps to help you achieve your new year goals

Four helpful actions to set you up for success this year.

Jess Dickers
Jess Dickers 2024-01-29T09:00:00.000Z ・ [ "<p>The start of a new year is a great time to <a href=\"/blog/free-thinking/three-reasons-to-review-your-finances\" uuid=\"783caf93-cd6b-4908-986b-ff4340c54a35\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">review your finances</a> and create a realistic plan to meet your goals.</p><p>Even in uncertain times, achieving your goals can be easier if you follow a few simple steps.</p><p>Here are some tips to help you get started.</p><h3><b>Set SMART goals</b></h3><p>It’s hard to set good habits when you don’t have something to work towards. Setting goals isn’t just about the result – they also need to be SMART: <a href=\"\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"url\">Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound (SMART)</a>.</p><p>Use this lens to make your goals more realistic, easier to track, relevant to what you ultimately want, and fit a manageable timeline.</p><h3><b>Create a sustainable budget</b></h3><p>A budget can give you greater visibility over your spending to help make smarter choices. First, check your statements to work out where your money needs to go or try a <a href=\"/home-loans/calculators/budget-planner\" uuid=\"dbca36fd-f84b-4b8e-b3e1-ec8e9dbbd2d4\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">budget planner</a>.</p><p>From here, you can identify any non-essentials to cut back on and set savings targets you can stick to. It’s important to continue tracking this throughout the year, so make sure you don’t just ‘set and forget’.</p>", "<h3><b>Reduce or consolidate debt</b></h3><p>Whether its credit cards, buy now pay later, car loans, or a mortgage, review how you’re managing your repayments and plan to pay down your debts.</p><p>If you’re juggling multiple debts, consider rolling them into a <a href=\"/home-loans/debt-consolidation-home-loans\" uuid=\"690e034e-a1c5-4aea-ba09-830b86a129b6\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">debt consolidation</a> solution or <a href=\"/blog/loan-school/keep-your-goals-on-track-with-a-personal-loan\" uuid=\"4a4ca70e-d383-4ee8-9fa2-3cb64b55d3cc\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">personal loan</a>. It could help simplify your budget and bring cash flow relief.</p><h3><b>Seek expert advice</b></h3><p>Regardless of your situation, getting professional advice can help put your new year plans into action.</p><p>Liberty Advisers are more than just mortgage brokers, providing personalised support, whether you’re looking at homeownership, buying a new car, consolidating debt, or exploring other lending options.</p><p>For help to achieve your lending goals, speak with your <a href=\"/about-us/find-an-adviser\" uuid=\"b5701f78-b8e3-452b-8071-ce020698bab0\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">Liberty Adviser</a> today.</p>" ] min read
Tips for reaching your EOY financial goals
Tips for reaching your EOY finance goals

Helpful hints to keep your plans on track.

Laura Orchard
Laura Orchard 2023-09-25T21:56:00.000Z ・ [ "<p>From planning a summer holiday to <a href=\"/home-loans/\" uuid=\"bf9448ee-9b38-4589-a285-0d0d0fdc71ef\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">buying your first home</a> or reducing debt, there are many kinds of finance goals.</p><p>With the end of the year fast approaching, you may need a little help keeping yours on track.</p><p>Here are some simple tips to help you get closer to your goals.</p><h3><b>Re-evaluate your budget</b></h3><p>If your expenses have changed over the last few months, it could be helpful to <a href=\"/home-loans/calculators/budget-planner\" uuid=\"dbca36fd-f84b-4b8e-b3e1-ec8e9dbbd2d4\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">review your budget</a> and make sure it still works for you.</p><p>Take some time to assess your situation and consider the impact any recent changes could have on your ability to reach your goals.</p><h3><b>Track your progress</b></h3><p>Whether you’re chasing short or long-term goals, it’s helpful to see how far you’ve come and what you can achieve.</p><p>Keeping track of where you’re at can encourage you to continue good habits and stay focused on the timeframe you’ve set.</p>", "<h3><b>Consider consolidating debts</b></h3><p>When you’re managing multiple debts, it can make it more difficult to fulfill your financial goals and manage cash flow effectively.</p><p>Combining multiple debts into one <a href=\"/home-loans/debt-consolidation-home-loans\" uuid=\"690e034e-a1c5-4aea-ba09-830b86a129b6\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">debt consolidation loan</a> not only means just one repayment each month, but you could also benefit from lower repayments.</p><h3><b>Find an accountability partner</b></h3><p>Telling someone you trust about what you want to achieve can help to reinforce your goals and create accountability.</p><p>Think about who can help keep you motivated or give you a nudge if you get off track, such as a family member, friend, or colleague.</p><h3><b>Get professional advice</b></h3><p>Having an outside perspective can open your mind to new ideas and provide added motivation.</p><p>Whether your goal is to step into homeownership or relieve financial stress, a <a href=\"/about-us/find-an-adviser\" uuid=\"b5701f78-b8e3-452b-8071-ce020698bab0\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">Liberty Adviser</a> can assess your current loan health and work with you to create a plan.</p><p>For personalised support to reach your lending goals, speak with your local <a href=\"/about-us/find-an-adviser\" uuid=\"b5701f78-b8e3-452b-8071-ce020698bab0\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">Liberty Adviser</a> today.</p>" ] min read
Vibrant orange background with coins, a plane, phone and credit card in the centre of the image.
Getting your finances vacation-ready

Explore five ways to be money-wise for your next getaway.

April Kenneally
April Kenneally 2023-08-01T10:30:00.000Z ・ [ "<p>Dreaming of a break on a far-away beach or somewhere closer to home? While holidays are exciting, it’s important to prepare early so you’re not left with a Europe-sized hole in your finances.</p><p>Grab your sunscreen and let’s embark on a journey to get your wallet ready for your next trip.</p><h3><b>1.   Set a realistic budget</b></h3><p>Budgeting can be the key to making your holiday dreams a reality. You’ll want to find a balance between splurging on unforgettable experiences and keeping your spending under control.</p><p>Determine how much you can comfortably spend on transport, accommodation, meals, activities and shopping. Research your destination to determine average prices, to help you estimate your daily spending.</p><h3><b>2.   Explore saving strategies</b></h3><p>Consider setting aside a portion of your income each pay cycle to help you reach your savings goal and transfer any extra cash into your holiday fund where possible.</p><p>For greater confidence while abroad, it can help to have emergency funds set aside for unexpected situations.</p>", "<h3><b>3. Discover debt consolidation</b></h3><p>If you’re carrying multiple debts, consider if consolidating with a home loan or <a href=\"/blog/loan-school/keep-your-goals-on-track-with-a-personal-loan\" uuid=\"4a4ca70e-d383-4ee8-9fa2-3cb64b55d3cc\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">personal lending solution</a> is a suitable step. This could simplify your repayments and help you budget for your adventure.</p><p>Your <a href=\"\" linktype=\"url\">Liberty Adviser</a> can help you understand your debt consolidation and lending options, so you can focus on planning your itinerary.</p><h3><b>4. Be flexible</b></h3><p>Keeping your eye on exchange rates and comparing fees can help you get the most bang for your buck.</p><p>Being flexible with dates can often lead to cheaper flights, accommodation and avoiding peak-season costs. Bonus: There may be fewer people crowding your must-see attractions.</p><h3><b>5. Adventure-proof your journey</b></h3><p>Having appropriate travel insurance can give you peace of mind for unforeseen bumps along the road. Depending on your cover, it can protect you for medical expenses, lost luggage, cancellations and delays.</p><p>So, pack your sense of adventure and keep these tips in mind to enjoy a stress-free experience. Bon voyage!</p>" ] min read
Upsides to downsizing your home

Switching to a smaller property can have big advantages.

Laura Orchard
Laura Orchard 2023-03-28T09:55:00.000Z ・ [ "<p>If you have an empty nest, a property too large to maintain, or a home that no longer fits your lifestyle, it may be time to consider downsizing.</p><p>While you might have less room for guests, there can be many upsides to selling your home and purchasing a smaller property.</p><p>Here are some of the benefits downsizing can bring.</p><h3><b>Cash flow boost</b></h3><p>If you’ve owned your current home for a while, it’s likely to have increased in value. Using this accrued equity to help purchase a less expensive home can put you in a more comfortable financial position.</p><p>If you’ve already paid off your mortgage, downsizing can free up extra cash. Or by reducing the size of your home loan, you can save on future interest payments.</p><h3><b>Lower household expenses</b></h3><p>While there are costs involved with downsizing such as moving expenses and <a href=\"/home-loans/calculators/stamp-duty\" uuid=\"46622f2f-916c-48c4-abf3-ab15086f8707\" custom=\"[object Object]\" target=\"_blank\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">stamp duty</a>, you could also make long-term savings.</p><p>A home with less space usually means less heating, gas, cooling, and general maintenance costs – and you might like to contribute these extra funds toward retirement.</p>", "<h3><b>Reduced maintenance</b></h3><p>If you’re downsizing later in life, it can be an opportunity to choose a property better suited to your changing needs and lifestyle.</p><p>Instead of contending with stairs or a maintaining a backyard, you might prefer a property you can “lock up and leave” such as a townhome with a private courtyard.</p><h3><b>More location options</b></h3><p>Smaller properties are often more affordable, so you may be able to consider a location you could not afford before when searching for a larger home.</p><p>Depending on your chosen area, you may even make a profit on the sale – giving you more options when it comes to buying.</p><h3><b>Is your home the right fit?</b></h3><p>When considering <a href=\"/blog/free-thinking/do-you-need-to-rightsize-your-home\" uuid=\"0b4f43df-c440-4e65-af00-d9a4d2b24f55\" custom=\"[object Object]\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">changing your home</a> or mortgage, getting the right advice is a smart first step.</p><p>Speak to a <a href=\"/mortgage-broker/\" uuid=\"bae31466-5467-44b1-af8e-87c5c35eb079\" custom=\"[object Object]\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">Liberty Adviser</a> for help to downsize your way to a home that works for you.</p>" ] min read
Purple image of a hand holding a mobile phone with cards and coins surrounding it.
Five simple ways to a healthier hip pocket

If you want to boost your financial health this year, these tips can help get you in shape.

April Kenneally
April Kenneally 2023-02-08T09:00:00.000Z ・ [ "<h3><b>1. Set a budget</b></h3><p>Research shows that those who keep track of their spending have greater financial wellbeing than those who don’t.</p><p>A <a href=\"/home-loans/calculators/budget-planner\" uuid=\"dbca36fd-f84b-4b8e-b3e1-ec8e9dbbd2d4\" target=\"_blank\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">budget</a> is a great way to stay on top of your earnings and expenses, so you can make smarter choices in the short-term to help you achieve your long-term goals.</p><h3><b>2. Kick a habit</b></h3><p>If there’s a spending habit you’d like to curb, set a limit on the number of times you can buy the items each week or month.</p><p>Cutting back on smaller splurges such as takeaway coffee or food delivery can make a big difference and help you feel more financially fit.</p><h3><b>3. Consolidate debt</b></h3><p>Reduce your repayments or explore <a href=\"/blog/free-thinking/don-t-let-debt-get-you-down\" uuid=\"fc646dcf-c8f8-471e-853e-e4c33e010f1d\" target=\"_blank\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">debt consolidation</a> to bundle your bills into one simple monthly repayment.</p><p>A debt consolidation calculator can help provide an estimate of your potential repayments, so you can get back on track.</p>", "<h3><b>4. Pay off your credit card</b></h3><p>Consider paying off or cancelling any credit cards or buy now pay later (BNPL) services to avoid excess spending.</p><p>Unnecessary personal debt can hinder your savings plans, so make sure to pay your bills on time and spend within your means.</p><h3><b>5. Get a fresh perspective</b></h3><p>Whether you have questions about your repayments or future lending needs, a <a href=\"/about-us/find-an-adviser\" uuid=\"b5701f78-b8e3-452b-8071-ce020698bab0\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">Liberty Adviser</a> can help get you closer to achieving your goals.</p><p>With access to a panel of residential lenders, they can support you with free-thinking lending options tailored to you.</p>" ] min read
Getting on top of your credit card debt can help keep your costs down as rates rise.
How to manage credit card debt with rate rises

Getting on top of your credit card debt can help keep your costs down as rates rise.

Shelby Waugh
Shelby Waugh 2022-09-30T13:55:00.000Z ・ [ "<p><span class=\"\">Changing interest rates and increasing budget pressures are leading people to rethink their cost of living and may have you reaching for your credit card more often.</span></p><p><span class=\"\">Here are a few simple tips to help you manage your credit card debt.</span></p><h3><b><span class=\"\">Budget for the little things</span></b></h3><p><span class=\"\">Rewards credit cards can be tempting to use for everyday spends – it can be a great way to enjoy the benefits. However, those small purchases can quickly add up and become harder to pay off.</span></p><p><span class=\"\">Instead, try using a simple </span><a href=\"\"><span class=\"\">budgeting tool</span></a><span class=\"\"> to help plan for smaller expenses. By sticking to a weekly budget this should help avoid overspending.</span></p><h3><b><span class=\"\">Start small</span></b></h3><p><span class=\"\">If you have more than one credit card, tackling any small debts first can sometimes make a big task feel much simpler.</span></p><p><span class=\"\">You can then focus on putting any additional savings into paying off a larger debt with a high interest rate.</span></p>", "<h3><b><span class=\"\">Consolidate your debts</span></b></h3><p><span class=\"\">Multiple debts can get confusing. If you have debt from a few different sources, you can lose track very quickly. This is where </span><a href=\"/home-loans/debt-consolidation-home-loans\" uuid=\"690e034e-a1c5-4aea-ba09-830b86a129b6\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\"><span class=\"\">debt consolidation</span></a><span class=\"\"> may help.</span></p><p><span class=\"\">Rolling multiple debts into one can not only simplify your repayments but may even reduce the overall interest you have to pay. One repayment and one interest rate give you a clear path to follow to a debt-free future.</span></p><h3><b><span class=\"\">Ask for help</span></b></h3><p><span class=\"\">Remember you’re never alone when it comes to managing debt. A </span><a href=\"\"><span class=\"\">Liberty Adviser</span></a><span class=\"\"> can help find options to suit your circumstances and offer a better way to tackle your repayments.</span></p><p><span class=\"\">Taking the first step towards conquering your credit cards can be daunting, but it can put you on the road to a better financial future.</span></p>" ] min read
Finding and buying a car in today’s market
Finding and buying a car in today’s market

Despite supply issues, there are still ways to drive away.

Laura Orchard
Laura Orchard 2022-06-06T10:44:00.000Z ・ [ "<p>The end of financial year is traditionally a good opportunity to find a new car, for less.</p><p>While supply constraints and high demand have taken their toll on the market this year, there are still options for those looking to buy a new set of wheels.</p><p>Here’s what you need to know about finding and buying a car in the current market.</p><h3><b>New cars</b></h3><p>To secure their dream car, many buyers are choosing to accept waiting periods of up to a year. While not ideal, the extra time could help you save a bigger deposit.</p><p>Keep in mind that with vehicle supply so tight, you may need to compromise on colour, features, or even the model of new vehicle you choose.</p><h3><b>Second-hand and private sale</b></h3><p>For those who need a vehicle sooner rather than later, turning to the used car market could help you find a suitable car in less time.</p><p>While used cars are also in hot demand, a private sale may allow you to negotiate a better price with the seller than what a dealership can offer.</p>", "<h3><b>Electric vehicles</b></h3><p>If you’re willing to be flexible about the exact model of car, this could be your opportunity to switch to an electric vehicle (EV).</p><p>Some EV manufacturers currently have shorter waiting periods or even have stock ready to drive away. Plus, state governments offer <a href=\"\"><u>financial incentives to help buy an EV</u></a>.</p><h3><b>Be ready to buy</b></h3><p>With cars in short supply, you need to be ready to act when you find the right one – and that means knowing what you want and <a href=\"/blog/free-thinking/score-a-bargain-on-a-new-car-this-eofy\" uuid=\"578c4dc8-0108-474b-bca0-ca6950b666c9\" target=\"_blank\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">how you’ll pay for it</a>.</p><p>Whether you’re purchasing through a dealership or private sale, having <a href=\"/blog/free-thinking/get-a-better-car-deal-with-finance-pre-approval\" uuid=\"0bd49546-781d-4d85-a89a-7aaee81ca324\" target=\"_blank\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">finance pre-approval</a> means you can search for a car with a clear budget and your finances in order.</p><p>For more information on how to finance your next vehicle purchase, contact a <a href=\"/about-us/find-an-adviser\" uuid=\"b5701f78-b8e3-452b-8071-ce020698bab0\" target=\"_blank\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">Liberty Adviser</a>.</p>" ] min read
Are you prepared for tax time?
Are you prepared for tax time?

Before it’s time to lodge your return, consider these simple tips.

Laura Orchard
Laura Orchard 2022-06-06T09:50:00.000Z ・ [ "<p>As the end of financial year approaches, it’s a good idea to plan how you’ll handle your tax return.</p><p>While tax time might seem complicated, a little organisation can make it much simpler.</p><p>Here are a few things to consider when preparing to lodge your return.</p><h3><b>Gather documents for deductions</b></h3><p>Having all relevant payment summaries, financial statements, and receipts organised can make it easier to maximise your deductions.</p><p>From internet charges to union fees, chances are there are <a href=\"\"><u>work-related expenses</u></a> you can claim. And if you’ve been working from home during lockdowns and office closures, you could claim a range of extra expenses.</p><h3><b>Decide how to lodge your return</b></h3><p>There are several ways to lodge your tax return with the ATO, including DIY online options. While lodging your return yourself could save you money, it may cost you in unclaimed deductions.</p><p>You can also lodge your return through a professional tax agent. They have the expertise to help you get things right – especially if you have a complex tax situation or need to lodge a <a href=\"/blog/biz-wiz/your-business-tax-time-tips\" uuid=\"0ad389a8-1ced-4cab-b1a3-93df9be310ab\" target=\"_blank\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">business tax return</a>.</p>", "<h3><b>Plan to spend your refund wisely</b></h3><p>While it’s not as fun as a holiday, using your tax refund to boost savings, repay debt or invest in your future can be a smart move.</p><p>If you have a mortgage with an offset option, putting your refund in your offset account could help you pay off your home loan quicker and help you save on interest charges.</p><h3><b>Seek advice on repayment options</b></h3><p>If you haven’t paid enough tax throughout the year, you may receive a tax bill instead of a refund. But don’t worry – even if you don’t have the cash up front, there are <a href=\"/blog/loan-school/tackling-your-tax-debt\" uuid=\"f01f0043-a035-41e9-bcc8-a60763c3eb8a\" target=\"_blank\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">ways to repay tax debt</a>.</p><p>A Liberty Adviser can help you explore your options and find a repayment solution that suits your needs.</p><p>Speak to a <a href=\"/about-us/find-an-adviser\" uuid=\"b5701f78-b8e3-452b-8071-ce020698bab0\" target=\"_blank\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">Liberty Adviser</a> today about your debt refinancing or consolidation options.</p>" ] min read