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Tips to balance love and money

Talking money can be daunting, but it could help you achieve big things together.

Shelby Waugh
Shelby Waugh 06 Feb 2024 ・ 2 min read

If love is in the air and big plans are on the horizon, it might be time for an important conversation with your significant other.

While talking about finances can be daunting, it could help you team up and reach your goals sooner.

Here are a few hot topics to help you start the conversation.

Setting joint goals 

It can be helpful to look ahead and decide what you both want to achieve in the next five, 10 or 15 years together.

From planning your dream wedding to buying a family home – discussing your next steps as a couple can help you work together to bring your ambitions to life.

Building a budget

Understanding where your money is going, what your essentials are and what you can do without, can help you plan for the future and budget appropriately.

If you need a simple way to work out your joint expenses, an online budget planner can give you a quick overview and help keep things on track.

Sharing your history

If you’ve experienced a few bumps in the road, it can be daunting to share your credit history. But an open discussion can help you achieve your lending goals more effectively.

Remember there are several lenders, like Liberty, who may be able to help you get closer to your goals even with a less than perfect credit history.

Explore homeownership options

Homeownership is the first big lending goal for many couples. Before you set your heart on a property, it’s important to consider the finer details.

When you buy property together, you can choose to do so as joint tenants or tenants in common. Each option has its own quirks, so it’s a good idea to discuss both choices with your legal adviser.

For guidance on your journey from a lending expert, speak with a Liberty Adviser.

Shelby Waugh
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