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Understanding personal loan comparison rates

How comparison rates could help you make an informed decision.

Robyn Slater
Robyn Slater 2024-05-15T15:46:00.000Z ・ [ "<p>From funding your next getaway to making home improvements, you might be considering a <a href=\"/personal-loans/\" uuid=\"437f4c2c-150f-4efe-8146-8ff1c14d686f\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">personal loan</a> to help bring your grand ideas to life.</p><p>When comparing personal loans, check out the comparison rate. Lenders must display their comparison rates alongside their interest rates, and it can be a helpful factor in deciding if a loan is right for you.</p><p>Here’s what to know about comparison rates and why they’re worth a closer look.</p>", "<h3><b>What is a comparison rate?</b></h3><p>While an interest rate explains the rate of interest you’ll pay on a loan, a comparison rate is an adjusted figure which can provide a clearer picture of a loan’s true cost.</p><p>Comparison rates are calculated using the interest rate, as well as other fees and charges associated with the loan. These typically include upfront fees, any ongoing costs and discharge fees.</p>", "<h3><b>Why is a comparison rate useful?</b></h3><p>A comparison rate can help you look beyond enticing low-interest rates by revealing hidden fees that could lead to higher costs over time.</p><p>When considering your loan options, a comparison rate could help you make an informed decision that aligns with your budget and lending goals.</p>", "<h3><b>What is excluded from a comparison rate?</b></h3><p>While they can be a great way to help you compare loans, keep in mind there may be a few costs that comparison rates don’t include.</p><p>Also, a comparison rate is just one factor to consider. It&#39;s important to explore the features of the loan to ensure you find an option that’s right for you.</p>", "<h3><b>How to get started</b></h3><p>If you’re looking to take the next steps in your loan journey, you can get a <a href=\"\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"url\">personalised comparison rate</a> with Liberty.</p><p>Simply enter your details <a href=\"\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"url\">here</a> and receive a tailored interest and comparison rate based on your credit profile. You could get a rate quote in under 2 minutes, without affecting your credit score.</p><p>Discover your personalised rate today to help make an informed decision.</p>" ] min read
Considerations for investing in commercial property
Three key questions for investing in commercial property

Before you buy, there are a few unique factors to keep in mind.

Shelby Waugh
Shelby Waugh 2024-04-05T04:09:46.968Z ・ [ "<p>Have you considered investing in commercial property? With a variety of property types, locations, and leasing options, it could offer a way to diversify your portfolio.</p><p>Here are three questions to get you started.</p><h3><b>1. Do you have savings or equity?</b></h3><p>Healthy savings could be essential to getting the ball rolling as <a href=\"/commercial-loans/\" uuid=\"038239ae-2b40-43cc-bdcc-6ee5618d37a8\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">commercial property loans</a> often require a higher initial deposit. However, if you already own property, you may be able to leverage your available equity in other properties instead.</p><p>Some lenders may have specific loan criteria for commercial properties, so speaking with a <a href=\"/blog/loan-school/how-a-broker-could-be-your-guiding-light-in-2024\" uuid=\"31f5abc0-8429-439b-975a-a66603c6de7d\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">lending expert</a> could make navigating the process smoother.</p>", "<h3><b>2. What are your must-have property features?</b></h3><p>From office blocks to cafes and warehouses, there’s no shortage of variety in commercial property. Some businesses will need specific layouts and features to function, which is good to keep in mind if you plan to rent the property.</p><p>Where you buy is just as important to consider as the property itself. Location plays a big role in determining business foot traffic, accessibility, and visibility, and may affect your rental yield.</p><p>Commercial property values are often influenced by rental returns. So, a property that’s attractive to potential tenants could be a gamechanger.</p><h3><b>3. Are you prepared for the extra responsibility?</b></h3><p>Commercial property comes with some ongoing responsibilities beyond your initial financial commitment. For example, you’ll need to think about extras such as leasing, insurance, and building maintenance. </p><p>Depending on the property, commercial lease terms could be five years or more. If you intend to rent, you’ll need to be prepared for any future repair costs and if property management is needed.</p><p>Your local <a href=\"/about-us/find-an-adviser\" uuid=\"b5701f78-b8e3-452b-8071-ce020698bab0\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">Liberty Adviser</a> may be able to offer support to help manage any overheads more confidently and answer any questions you might have about commercial property loans.</p>" ] min read
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Unlock your property ownership options

From going solo to co-buying, the structure you choose could be key in achieving your goals.

Natasha Vrsecky
Natasha Vrsecky 2024-04-04T23:59:00.000Z ・ [ "<p>When it comes to property ownership structures, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. </p><p>So, whether you’re thinking about going it alone or teaming up with others to get onto the property ladder, let’s talk about your options.</p>", "<h3><b>Buying solo</b></h3><p>Buying property alone is known as sole ownership. As a sole owner, you have the decision-making power to lease, renovate, or sell the property.</p><p>It also means that financial responsibility will fall entirely on your shoulders. So before jumping in, create a budget that considers all expenses including the initial deposit, ongoing loan repayments, rates and maintenance costs. </p>", "<h3><b>Co-owning with your partner, family, or friends</b></h3><p>Buying property with loved ones can be an exciting venture. However, it’s important to consider whether a joint tenancy or tenants in common structure works for you.</p><p>Joint tenancy is where you and your co-owners all hold the property together. This is a common option for married and de facto couples, particularly when all assets are shared.</p><p>Being tenants in common is a more flexible structure that supports those with different interests and financial capacities to buy together. Depending on the circumstances of the co-owners involved, you may agree to hold unequal shares in a property.</p>", "<h3><b>Investing through a company or trust</b></h3><p>A trust is another option you could buy property through. Generally, trusts involve the holding and management of assets on behalf of beneficiaries. While it can be a more complex way of owning real estate, it could provide asset protection, tax flexibility, and estate planning benefits.</p><p>A company is a legal entity that can buy, sell, and take out loans on property. Depending on the structure, a company could protect shareholders from personal liability of company debt while potentially providing tax benefits and asset protection.</p>", "<h3><b>Chat with an expert</b></h3><p>There are many ways to own property — it’s just a matter of finding the structure that helps you achieve your goals. It is important to discuss these options with a lawyer or accountant before making your choice.</p><p>For guidance on your lending journey, speak with your local <a href=\"/about-us/find-an-adviser\" uuid=\"b5701f78-b8e3-452b-8071-ce020698bab0\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">Liberty Adviser</a> today.</p><p></p>" ] min read
How to budget for travel goals
Budgeting your way to your next holiday

Turning your idea into reality.

Robyn Slater
Robyn Slater 2024-03-27T03:46:00.000Z ・ [ "<p>Dreaming of your next getaway? From beach holidays to road trips, adventures of all kinds are waiting for would-be travellers.</p><p>While planning is exciting, preparing for the costs involved can sometimes be a journey itself.</p><p>Navigate the path towards your next trip with these savvy tips.</p>", "<h3><b>Be organised and flexible</b></h3><p>Planning early and approaching with flexibility could lead to greater choice and potentially better deals.</p><p>Peak travel periods can often come with a hefty price tag so try and be flexible with your dates. Consider booking in advance to help keep your costs low.</p>", "<h3><b>Set up a budget</b></h3><p>A clear budget could help you strike a balance between indulging in memorable experiences and managing your costs. Start with your expected expenses and remember to save room for the spontaneous moments.</p>", "<h3><b>Consider extra cash flow</b></h3><p>If you’re planning your getaway and looking for extra cash flow, a <a href=\"/blog/loan-school/the-ultimate-guide-to-personal-loans\" uuid=\"e5c56c9f-9a73-4968-9e88-3f5593caf9d2\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">personal loan</a> could help. With additional funds on hand, you could stretch your budget further or snap up limited offers. Some lenders like Liberty offer fast <a href=\"/personal-loans/\" uuid=\"437f4c2c-150f-4efe-8146-8ff1c14d686f\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">online applications</a>, so when the time is right, you can lock in your trip.</p>", "<h3><b>Hit the road</b></h3><p>If flights don’t quite fit your budget or you’re looking to explore your own backyard, a road trip could be another getaway option. Your own set of wheels lets you explore hidden gems comfortably and at your own pace.</p><p>Looking for the right vehicle for your journey? Consider if a <a href=\"/car-loans/\" uuid=\"e44db8e5-5bde-448f-91db-bc8e32038df1\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">car loan</a> or <a href=\"/caravan-loans/\" uuid=\"7af9c9cf-bf69-41c0-891d-9ba70f88dcfb\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">caravan loan</a> could help you reach your destination without splashing your cash all at once.</p>", "<h3><b>Chat with an expert</b></h3><p>Before packing your bags, get to know more about your lending options that could have you saying ‘yes’ to a getaway, sooner.</p><p>Consider speaking with a lending expert such as a <a href=\"/about-us/find-an-adviser\" uuid=\"b5701f78-b8e3-452b-8071-ce020698bab0\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">Liberty Adviser</a> for help to embark on your next adventure.</p>" ] min read
Getting to know personal loans and BNPL

Which option could suit your circumstances?

Robyn Slater
Robyn Slater 2024-03-25T03:46:00.000Z ・ [ "<p>If you’re eyeing a special purchase or project but prefer not to pay upfront, a <a href=\"/personal-loans/\" uuid=\"437f4c2c-150f-4efe-8146-8ff1c14d686f\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">personal loan</a> or buy now, pay later (BNPL ) service could fit your needs.</p><p>With both offering fast access to funds, it’s important to understand the differences and how they could work with your plans.</p><p>To help you make an informed decision, here are some questions to ask.</p>", "<h3><b>What are the costs?</b></h3><p>BNPL options allow you to purchase the things you want now and then pay in instalments without interest. Keep in mind that <a href=\"/blog/loan-school/the-real-cost-of-buy-now-pay-later\" uuid=\"1b3aad34-228c-4052-97ca-23c104553356\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">BNPL can be difficult to track</a> when you make several purchases, and late fees and interest rates can apply for delayed repayments.</p><p>Personal loans often have up-front fees attached such as origination and application fees. However, they offer a predictable repayment structure which can give you a clear understanding of the overall cost and interest included.</p>", "<h3><b>What are the spending limits?</b></h3><p>When using a BNPL service, there are often restrictions on what you can purchase and where you can purchase from within your set account limit.</p><p><a href=\"/blog/loan-school/keep-your-goals-on-track-with-a-personal-loan\" uuid=\"4a4ca70e-d383-4ee8-9fa2-3cb64b55d3cc\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">Personal loans</a> are a versatile and flexible option for borrowers. With access to a pool of funds, the uses range from debt consolidation to home improvements and travel plans. Typically, personal loans also offer a higher limit.</p>", "<h3><b>What&#39;s the application process?</b></h3><p>Applying for a BNPL service is usually a simple online process which could see your application approved instantly, depending on the platform.</p><p>Personal loans are also available through <a href=\"/personal-loans/\" uuid=\"437f4c2c-150f-4efe-8146-8ff1c14d686f\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">online applications</a> with fast approval times. Depending on your circumstances, some lenders like Liberty even offer same-day funding.</p>", "<h3><b>Who can provide support?</b></h3><p>If you’re weighing up your options, getting advice can be a smart step. Consider speaking with a lending expert such as a <a href=\"/about-us/find-an-adviser\" uuid=\"b5701f78-b8e3-452b-8071-ce020698bab0\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">Liberty Adviser </a>to find out more about personal loans.</p><p>For support to turn your grand ideas into reality, reach out to your local Liberty Adviser today.</p>" ] min read
Liberty's What to consider before investing with an SMSF loan blog
What to consider when investing with an SMSF loan

Take a closer look at how an SMSF loan could work for you.

Shelby Waugh
Shelby Waugh 2024-02-14T18:54:00.000Z ・ [ "<p>Considering property investment through your superannuation? A <a href=\"/smsf-loans/\" uuid=\"beccf612-b9ba-4ec8-bb96-a86773bbb408\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">self-managed super fund (SMSF) loan</a> might be an avenue worth exploring.</p><p>SMSF loans may help you use your superannuation to invest in property for your retirement. </p><p>Here’s what you should keep in mind.</p><h3><b>Getting started</b></h3><p>Borrowing in your SMSF to buy property requires some forward planning. To set yourself up for success make sure you speak with a lending specialist experienced in SMSF loans.</p><p>The right lending specialist can guide you around how much of a deposit you’ll need, any costs associated with the loan and what information, such as trust deeds, the lender will need to review.</p><h3><b>Diversification options</b></h3><p>Some lenders like Liberty offer SMSF loans for both <a href=\"/smsf-loans/residential-smsf-loans\" uuid=\"00dbdc4e-0b48-4982-a02e-545b334b1d5c\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">residential </a>and <a href=\"/smsf-loans/commercial-smsf-loans\" uuid=\"521fc98e-c5a3-4f6d-adc8-bbc1b663e42d\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">commercial property</a> investments, giving you more options.</p><p>For business owners, it&#39;s worth noting that you could potentially lease your SMSF commercial property investment back to your own business. </p><p>There are often different loan requirements depending on the type of property you’re buying, so be sure to clarify these upfront.</p>", "<h3><b>Navigating changes</b></h3><p>Investment strategies, especially for retirement, require a long-term outlook. So, it’s important to prepare for changes in the wider economy or your personal circumstances.</p><p>Some lenders offer refinancing options for SMSF loans, which may be helpful if your needs change or repayment challenges arise.</p><p>Remember, only the property purchased with an SMSF loan is used as security, not the other assets within your SMSF.</p><h3><b>Some finer details</b></h3><p>Investing in property through an SMSF comes with a few restrictions around how the property can be used. Additionally, lenders may have different conditions and requirements for their SMSF loans.</p><p>Chatting to a <a href=\"/about-us/find-an-adviser\" uuid=\"b5701f78-b8e3-452b-8071-ce020698bab0\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">Liberty Adviser</a> when you start thinking about an SMSF loan could help you understand your next steps forward.</p>" ] min read
Tips to balance love and money blog
Tips to balance love and money

Talking money can be daunting, but it could help you achieve big things together.

Shelby Waugh
Shelby Waugh 2024-02-06T10:30:00.000Z ・ [ "<p>If love is in the air and big plans are on the horizon, it might be time for an important conversation with your significant other.</p><p>While talking about finances can be daunting, it could help you team up and reach your goals sooner.</p><p>Here are a few hot topics to help you start the conversation.</p><h3><b>Setting joint goals</b> </h3><p>It can be helpful to look ahead and decide what you both want to achieve in the next five, 10 or 15 years together.</p><p>From planning your dream wedding to buying a family home – discussing your next steps as a couple can help you work together to bring your ambitions to life.</p><h3><b>Building a budget</b></h3><p>Understanding where your money is going, what your essentials are and what you can do without, can help you plan for the future and budget appropriately.</p><p>If you need a simple way to work out your joint expenses, an <a href=\"\" linktype=\"url\">online budget planner</a> can give you a quick overview and help keep things on track.</p>", "<h3><b>Sharing your history</b></h3><p>If you’ve experienced a few bumps in the road, it can be daunting to share your credit history. But an open discussion can help you achieve your lending goals more effectively.</p><p>Remember there are several lenders, like Liberty, who may be able to help you get closer to your goals even with a <a href=\"/blog/loan-school/what-to-do-about-your-partner-s-credit-history\" uuid=\"10c6d788-4ab7-4f22-baff-fffbeed98f55\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">less than perfect credit history</a>.</p><h3><b>Explore homeownership options</b></h3><p>Homeownership is the first big lending goal for many couples. Before you set your heart on a property, it’s important to consider the finer details.</p><p>When you buy property together, you can choose to do so as joint tenants or tenants in common. Each option has its own quirks, so it’s a good idea to discuss both choices with your legal adviser.</p><p>For guidance on your journey from a lending expert, speak with a <a href=\"\" linktype=\"url\">Liberty Adviser</a>.</p>" ] min read
Boost Business Cash Flow
Three ways to boost your business cash flow

Find out how to prepare your business for the year ahead.

Robyn Slater
Robyn Slater 2024-02-01T03:46:00.000Z ・ [ "<p>With the changing economic climate, it’s important to monitor your cash flow to help set your business up for success this year.</p><p>Whether you’re a sole trader with a small operation or own a large and expanding business, there are options on offer to boost your business cash flow.</p><p>Here are some tips to help keep your business moving and thriving this year.</p>", "<h3><b>Forecast your costs</b></h3><p>Look ahead at your costs for the coming year to give yourself time to plan and assess if your expenses may outweigh your income.</p><p>A top tip is to use data from the previous year to gain insights into what the future may hold. If your business is new, use market research and industry benchmarks instead.</p>", "<h3><b>Secure a line of credit</b></h3><p>Whether your finances are looking a little tight, or you want to take on a new opportunity, a <a href=\"/blog/investor-central/keep-your-business-moving-with-a-line-of-credit\" uuid=\"362801a0-588c-40fd-8ff5-3ca96a6cd0cc\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">line of credit</a> could be a handy solution.</p><p>A <a href=\"/business-loans/line-of-credit-business-loans\" uuid=\"ff73e566-161a-4c85-a179-7fddd3f1d1b5\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">business line of credit</a> is a flexible option that provides access to funds as you need it. If your expenses are due sooner than your income, this ongoing solution could help keep things running.</p>", "<h3><b>Consolidate or refinance debt</b></h3><p>If you&#39;re juggling business debts, a <a href=\"/business-loans/\" uuid=\"de30ecb9-5fc6-46bc-9754-bb64ab4acb28\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">business loan</a> may help put some cash back in your pocket and boost your cash flow.</p><p>While many banks will not refinance tax debt, free-thinking lenders like Liberty take a practical approach. Speak with your local Liberty Adviser to find a lending option tailored to you.</p>", "<h3><b>Chat to an expert</b></h3><p>Your business is unique, so your cash flow solution should be too. That’s why professional advice is crucial.</p><p>A <a href=\"/about-us/find-an-adviser\" uuid=\"b5701f78-b8e3-452b-8071-ce020698bab0\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">Liberty Adviser</a> can help you explore lending options for you, your business and your cash flow needs.</p><p>If you have cash flow questions for a lending expert, reach out to your local Liberty Adviser today.</p>" ] min read
Tips to help you achieve your new year goals
Steps to help you achieve your new year goals

Four helpful actions to set you up for success this year.

Jess Dickers
Jess Dickers 2024-01-29T09:00:00.000Z ・ [ "<p>The start of a new year is a great time to <a href=\"/blog/free-thinking/three-reasons-to-review-your-finances\" uuid=\"783caf93-cd6b-4908-986b-ff4340c54a35\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">review your finances</a> and create a realistic plan to meet your goals.</p><p>Even in uncertain times, achieving your goals can be easier if you follow a few simple steps.</p><p>Here are some tips to help you get started.</p><h3><b>Set SMART goals</b></h3><p>It’s hard to set good habits when you don’t have something to work towards. Setting goals isn’t just about the result – they also need to be SMART: <a href=\"\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"url\">Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound (SMART)</a>.</p><p>Use this lens to make your goals more realistic, easier to track, relevant to what you ultimately want, and fit a manageable timeline.</p><h3><b>Create a sustainable budget</b></h3><p>A budget can give you greater visibility over your spending to help make smarter choices. First, check your statements to work out where your money needs to go or try a <a href=\"/home-loans/calculators/budget-planner\" uuid=\"dbca36fd-f84b-4b8e-b3e1-ec8e9dbbd2d4\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">budget planner</a>.</p><p>From here, you can identify any non-essentials to cut back on and set savings targets you can stick to. It’s important to continue tracking this throughout the year, so make sure you don’t just ‘set and forget’.</p>", "<h3><b>Reduce or consolidate debt</b></h3><p>Whether its credit cards, buy now pay later, car loans, or a mortgage, review how you’re managing your repayments and plan to pay down your debts.</p><p>If you’re juggling multiple debts, consider rolling them into a <a href=\"/home-loans/debt-consolidation-home-loans\" uuid=\"690e034e-a1c5-4aea-ba09-830b86a129b6\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">debt consolidation</a> solution or <a href=\"/blog/loan-school/keep-your-goals-on-track-with-a-personal-loan\" uuid=\"4a4ca70e-d383-4ee8-9fa2-3cb64b55d3cc\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">personal loan</a>. It could help simplify your budget and bring cash flow relief.</p><h3><b>Seek expert advice</b></h3><p>Regardless of your situation, getting professional advice can help put your new year plans into action.</p><p>Liberty Advisers are more than just mortgage brokers, providing personalised support, whether you’re looking at homeownership, buying a new car, consolidating debt, or exploring other lending options.</p><p>For help to achieve your lending goals, speak with your <a href=\"/about-us/find-an-adviser\" uuid=\"b5701f78-b8e3-452b-8071-ce020698bab0\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">Liberty Adviser</a> today.</p>" ] min read
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How a broker could be your guiding light in 2024

Navigate the year ahead with expert direction.

Natasha Vrsecky
Natasha Vrsecky 2024-01-22T23:59:00.000Z ・ [ "<p>With a new year comes new possibilities, but if you’re feeling a little lost in the current climate — you’re not alone.</p><p>Here are four ways a broker can help adjust your sails and guide you through your lending journey.</p><h3><b>Giving you a fresh start</b></h3><p>If you’re feeling the pinch after the holiday season, a budget refresh could be just the thing you need to take on the year ahead.</p><p>From managing unexpected expenses to consolidating debt, a broker can help simplify your setup with a tailored personal loan solution — so you can focus on the things that matter most.</p><h3><b>Heading towards home buying</b></h3><p>Wondering if homeownership is still on the cards for 2024? Speaking with a broker could reveal a new window of opportunity.</p><p>Whether you need help understanding your <a href=\"/blog/loan-school/understanding-your-borrowing-power\" uuid=\"a0e2f246-33ff-4098-83be-fb8668cba24c\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">borrowing power</a>, finding a loan, or navigating the application process, a lending expert can provide the guidance you need to move towards your goals.</p>", "<h3><b>Maintaining business buoyancy </b></h3><p>As inflation impacts how Australians shop, business owners are constantly on their toes. With a broker by your side, you can explore a whole new world of commercial opportunity. </p><p>From accessing a line of credit to financing new assets, they can find a lending solution that helps your business rise with the tide and continue to grow.</p><h3><b>Discovering free-thinking options</b></h3><p>When it comes to lending, your unique circumstances deserve a unique approach.</p><p>More than mortgage brokers, Liberty Advisers provide personalised support across a range of lending solutions. </p><p>So, if your New Years resolution calls for a free-thinking home, investment, business, personal, commercial, SMSF, or custom loan solution — speak with your local <a href=\"/about-us/find-an-adviser\" uuid=\"b5701f78-b8e3-452b-8071-ce020698bab0\" target=\"_self\" linktype=\"story\" story=\"[object Object]\">Liberty Adviser</a> today.</p>" ] min read