SMSF loan repayment calculator

Using our SMSF loan repayment calculator

If you’re looking to leverage your self-managed super fund (SMSF) to invest in property, you’ll want to check out our SMSF loan repayment calculator. Simply enter your preferred loan amount, loan type, interest rate, loan term and payment cycle below to find out what your SMSF loan repayments could be on your investment property. Whether it’s commercial or residential property, we could help you leverage the power of your SMSF.


A SMSF loan is a great option to access funds to buy an investment property. It takes free thinking to invest in property, which is why we‘ve created some handy tools to help you reach your super fund investment goals. Our SMSF loan repayment calculator helps you estimate the weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payments on your residential or commercial investment property.

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