Liberty's Pride Network

We asked network members to share insight about why they find the network important, what they’ve been able to achieve and their plans.

24 Jun 2021 | Culture and Community | Share:
Liberty Pride Network

What does Liberty’s Pride Network do?

The Liberty Pride Network seeks to celebrate the LGBTQI+ community, provide a safe space for identifying team members and help improve the quality of life for all. The Pride Network aims to do this through education and awareness of events and social activities for Liberty team members, their family and friends. We are proud to offer a range of activities and resources to our network and community.

The main actions of the Pride Network include:

  • Provide insight into key events within the LGBTQI+ community.

  • Host regular workshops.

  • Be a fundamental support network for its members.

  • Contribute to a truly inclusive culture at Liberty.

Why is the Pride Network important?

The Pride Network is a significant reminder of the importance of being able to be oneself within the workplace and the community. The network provides visibility for the LGBTQI+ community and gives its members confidence in a safe and inclusive working environment.

What are the proudest moments within the Pride Network so far?

The Pride Network is pleased to be providing ongoing education and peer support throughout the Liberty community. A highlight has been fundraising for Switchboard (a peer-driven support service for LGBTQI+ communities).

What is the Pride Network’s goals for the next 12 months?

The network will continue to be a resource for the Liberty community, providing support and education. The Pride Network seeks to maintain trajectory through highlighting significant days on the LGBTQI+ calendar and increase overall equality. In addition, the network plan to evolve and expand to include allies within the Liberty community.

How has being involved with the Pride Network enhanced your experience at Liberty?

When asked how the network has improved their Liberty experience, members responded with pride and purpose.

"It’s given me time and space to explore issues impacting the LGBTQI+ community and be part of the change we want to see within the Liberty community."

"I can bring a lived experience to our network which helps support other members and provide feedback to our leadership."

"A greater sense of self-awareness, allowing me to be able to give back to the community."

"It underpins the genuine caring culture of our community that is clearly committed to providing a safe space for all its staff. I’m proud of our Pride Network!"

What tips would you give to…

Someone unsure if they should join a pride network?

Go along to the next workshop and see what it’s all about! While there’s some time involved, the results are rewarding, and it provides a support network for everyone.

A person wanting to start a pride network within their company?

It’s a crucial support network and provides visible evidence that a company is committed to diversity and inclusion. A pride network provides a platform for awareness of issues facing the LGBTQI+ community and improves their experience in the workplace.

A senior leader within their company?

Be open to more LGBTQI+ community involvement. It shows that your company is providing a safe and inclusive environment for employees.

Find out more about Liberty’s commitment to diversity and inclusion here.