Liberty first non-bank lender to sign up to FIAP

21 Oct 2019 | Share:

Major non-bank lender Liberty has signed up to the Financial Inclusion Action Plan (FIAP) program, an agreed set of actions to improve financial inclusion, wellbeing and resilience in Australia.

Liberty is the first non-bank lender to join the FIAP program since Australia committed to the G20 Financial Inclusion Action Plan and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals in 2015.

James Boyle, chief executive of Liberty, said the business played an important role in financial services and recognised the opportunity to further contribute to financial wellbeing.

“We help people from all walks of life access credit and have long supported the important goal of improving financial inclusion among Australians. It’s for this reason that we are pleased to join the Financial Inclusion Action Plan program.

“Joining the program will allow us to contribute in a more considered and measurable way to financial inclusion and wellbeing in our community.

“This objective aligns with our purpose and it resonates with the Liberty team,” Mr Boyle said.

“The FIAP program will give us a clearer focus on the projects we already have underway that support inclusion. It will also help us be more strategic about new projects to make greater impact. In particular, we are keen to work with our mortgage broker networks on activities that support customers,” he said.

Liberty will work with the FIAP Partnership Group to develop and implement the program. EY will verify progress of actions in the plan which will engage customers, Liberty team members, suppliers and community partners.