Kent Morris

First Nations People

Liberty recognises the importance of reconciliation, and we strive to create a truly inclusive and equitable society.

Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land

Working closely with Reconciliation Australia, we have committed to a formal Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) designed to build awareness and provide tangible benefits for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


Reconciliation Action Plan

A RAP provides a framework for organisations to support the national reconciliation movement by developing respectful relationships and creating meaningful opportunities with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. There are four types of RAP: Reflect, Innovate, Stretch and Elevate, to be completed in progressive order. Our Reflect RAP was submitted and endorsed by Reconciliation Australia in November 2021, followed by our Innovate RAP in January 2024.

Kent Morris with Art

Cultural Reflections

Our Reflect RAP features commissioned work Cultural Reflections – Infinite Interconnections, by Barkindji man and artist Kent Morris. In his artist’s statement, Morris explains the work’s construction from a single photograph of a fairy wren on the land of the Kulin Nations (Yaluk-ut Weelam/Boon Wurrung Country) where he lives and works. The image was digitally transformed into what Morris describes as: “An immersive kaleidoscopic pattern that speaks of infinity, interconnection, respect and reconciliation through a First Nations’ lens”.

Level 18 refurbishment featuring Buraga by Gadigal woman and artist Kate Constantine


Our Innovate RAP features commissioned artwork Buraga, by Gadigal woman and artist Kate Constantine. This artwork was a key design feature in the refurbishment of our Naarm (Melbourne) office, highlighting our continued partnership with First Nations communities. In the Gadigal language, 'Buraga' means 'to arise', which represents Liberty’s commitment to buraga or rising to Reconciliation.

National Sorry Day

Reconciliation Committee

Liberty formed a Reconciliation Committee in 2021 comprising select team members. Its purpose is to help drive activity in line with our Reconciliation Action Plan and to educate and raise awareness of First Nations culture and issues. In consultation with members of Kinaway Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce, our Reconciliation Committee has been integral in rolling out cultural awareness training, bolstering our relationships with First Nations businesses, the launch of our Reflect and Innovate RAP documents and a series of guest speakers and performances to increase awareness among staff.


Key dates

Working closely with local artist, Wamba Wamba man Keagan Mallia, Liberty promotes, acknowledges, and celebrates key dates on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander calendar with original, commissioned artworks that tell authentic stories about the importance of these dates.

Denni Francisco

Supporting businesses

Partnered with Kinaway, we’re always looking for more ways to support First Nations businesses. In May 2023, we were proud to help Ngali participate in Australian Fashion Week and take 12 of its First Nations creatives along on the journey to Sydney. Founded by Wiradjuri designer Denni Francisco, Ngali is a Melbourne-based, sustainable fashion label bringing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artwork to the world through clothing and collectibles. Denni became the first-ever First Nations designer to stage a solo runway show on the official Australian Fashion Week schedule.

Reconciliation Week

Training and education

To help improve the awareness and cultural understanding of our team, we strive to provide opportunities for in-person events and online training and education of issues faced by First Nations peoples. These include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander guest speakers, cultural displays, and training.

Liberty represented in the centre with smaller circles depicting First Nations businesses and people coming to Liberty for lending support.

First Nations borrowers

Liberty is committed to supporting equitable financial participation and wellbeing. As a proud Kinaway Corporate Partner, we strive to support First Nations businesses at every possible opportunity. We encourage First Nations business owners and individuals seeking finance to reach out to Liberty’s First Nations Lending Specialist. This specialist is a lending professional dedicated to helping First Nations people find the funding needed to meet their goals to flourish.

"Improving future outcomes requires coordinating focused effort, which is vital in creating a truly inclusive and reconciled society."

James Boyle