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Home loans without all the paperwork

Look to Liberty for a low-doc home loan.

For home loan hunters who may be self-employed, freelancers, contract workers or undertake seasonal work, you may not have all the documentation usually required for a mortgage. Liberty’s low-doc loan combines our low interest rate with a range of flexible home loan features, with options for start-up or established businesses.

  • Loans up to 85% of property value
  • Irregular income acceptable
  • Alternative verification options
  • Owner-occupier and investor
  • Debt consolidation options
  • Cash out available

Discover how a low-doc loan could work for you

Our home loans cater to customers in all kinds of professions. We know that not everyone works the same nine-to-five, and if you’re a free-thinking entrepreneur, business owner or freelancer – it shouldn’t hold you back from achieving your dreams.

Speak to a Liberty Adviser today to discover a low-doc loan option that might work for you.

Your choice of career shouldn’t hinder your future

Self-employment, contract work and freelancing can offer freedom and flexibility – but can sometimes create challenges when it comes to getting a loan and proving your income. The good news is that there are flexible lenders like Liberty that will work hard to understand your personal situation to help you secure the finance you need.

Liberty offers options for alternative verification to help more people get financial with low-doc loans.

What are low-doc loans?

Low-doc loans are more flexible solutions for customers who might be self-employed, contractors or freelancers, and don’t have the standard PAYG payslips, financial statements or tax returns needed for a traditional loan application.

These types of loans rely on self-verification of income, which may require a supporting letter from an accountant and your recent bank statements. You may also need to supply your last year’s Business Activity Statements (BAS).

Am I eligible?

Low-doc loans are a way for small business owners, freelancers and other ABN holders to meet the requirements of a loan application. They are designed for customers who otherwise wouldn't be able to get a home loan due to their inability to validate their earnings using traditional methods.

Your eligibility will be improved by good credit history, and the lender will want to know that you can afford repayments. Generally, low-doc home loans often suit self-employed Australians, investors who rely on their investment income and contract workers.

Who are low-doc mortgages for?

There are many reasons why you might not have the full suite of documents or financials needed for a full-doc loan application. For example, your most recently lodged tax returns may be over a year old and may not reflect your current income level.

Low-doc loan solutions

Liberty has a range of home loans to suit your needs and help customers with irregular income types. At Liberty, we look at your whole story to understand the circumstance of your financial history.

Talk to a Liberty Adviser about low-doc loans

If you have irregular income or are self-employed and need a home loan, contact a Liberty Adviser today to discuss your options.