Free-thinking loans for a fresh start

Sometimes life can throw the unexpected your way and things just don't go according to plan – leaving you with a bad credit rating.

With Liberty you don’t need to worry about your credit history holding you back. Our home loans help you rethink your current financial circumstances and let you take the next step forward.

You don’t live in the past, and neither do we. Speak to us at Liberty and we can help you get things moving in the right direction.

Maximum LVR 85%
Maximum loan amount* $3,000,000
Minimum loan amount $30,000
Principal & interest
Interest only**
Free online redraw
Third party account transfers
Split loans***
Additional repayments
Repay weekly, fortnightly, monthly
Owner-occupier & investor
Professional investor
Fixed rate options

Loan Variables
Unlimited debt consolidation
Paid or unpaid defaults
Mortgage arrears
Past bankruptcy

Application fee $995
Valuation fee^^ $330
Settlement fee $0
Equalisation fee Starting from 0.5%
Ongoing fee (monthly) $15
Manual redraw fee $50
Discharge fee $395
Professional investor fee**** $995

Did you know?

Even with a less than perfect credit history including paid or unpaid defaults, mortgage arrears and bankruptcy, Liberty can work with you to find a great home loan solution.

How do I know if I have a bad credit?

If you are unsure of your credit history, get in contact with a credit reporting agency like Veda, Dunn & Bradstreet or Experian for a free copy of your credit report.

This report includes much of the information that counts towards a poor credit score including number and type of loan enquiries, type of credit providers, unpaid debts and credit infringements.

Should I tell my broker I have bad credit?

If you know you have poor credit, you should tell your broker. If you let them know, they can help find you a lender such as Liberty, that will listen to your full story and consider your application even with a lower credit score.

If you know you have bad credit and need a home loan, talk to a Liberty Adviser or broker today to discuss your options further.

What can cause bad credit?

When it comes to applying for a loan, most lenders consider an applicant to have bad credit if they are behind in existing loan repayments or have a poor credit report.

A poor credit report can be caused by many factors. For example, not paying or late payments on a utilities bill, can lead to an unpaid account listed as a default.

Similarly, applying for multiple loans with different lenders within a short timeframe can reduce the credit score on your report. If you have poor credit and are interested in our home loans to help repair bad credit, speak to a Liberty Adviser today.

What are my options if I have bad credit?

Liberty has a range of home loans to suit different borrowers and help repair bad credit. In fact, our home loans are flexible and can adjust over time to reflect improving circumstances.

At Liberty we look at a person’s whole story so we can understand the circumstance of your financial history.

What does having bad credit mean?

Having bad credit often refers to there being a default listed on your credit report. This affects your credit score and can make you appear more risky to some lenders, making it difficult to be approved for finance.

Liberty’s home loans can provide the flexibility borrowers may need to rethink their current financial situation and take a step forward.

#Quoted rates apply to principal and interest loans. Depending on your circumstances, loan features may vary. Other loan variables may also be used to determine the most appropriate rate for your circumstances. Approved applicants only. Lending criteria applies. *Subject to LVR restrictions. **Interest Only loans are subject to LVR restrictions and interest rates are higher than the advertised interest rates but for further information on this product contact us on 13 11 33. ***$495 fee applies for loans with more than 4 splits. ****Application fee and interest rate loadings apply for company/trust or professional investor applicants with ≥3 properties. ^Other fees and charges may apply. Contact us on 13 11 33 for more information on fees and charges. ^^Additional valuation expenses may be payable where the anticipated security property value is >$1.5m, where the security property is in a regional location or for additional securities.