A flexible home loan that gets your money working

With a redraw facility, 100% offset account and no upfront fees, Liberty Star gives ultimate flexibility.

With the ability to split between fixed and variable rates, Liberty Star also has the option to make weekly, fortnightly, monthly or interest-only repayments. You can also reduce the length of the loan by making additional payments, which can be accessed through the redraw facility.

Appealing to both owner-occupiers and investors, with Liberty Star, you can borrow up to 95% of the property value. Loans above 80% require lender’s mortgage insurance.

Home loan rates

Rates from (per annum)# Standard Variable Rate (SVR) Comparison Rate*
LVR ≤ 65% 2.94% 3.27%
LVR > 65% and ≤ 75% 3.14% 3.47%
LVR > 75% and ≤ 80% 3.54% 3.86%
LVR > 80% and ≤ 85% 3.94% 4.34%
LVR > 85% and ≤ 90% 4.54% 5.00%
LVR > 90% and ≤ 95% 4.99% 5.59%

Investment loan rates

Rates from (per annum)# Standard Variable Rate (SVR) Comparison Rate*
LVR ≤ 65% 3.29% 3.61%
LVR > 65% and ≤ 75% 3.49% 3.81%
LVR > 75% and ≤ 80% 3.89% 4.20%
LVR > 80% and ≤ 85% 4.29% 4.69%
LVR > 85% and ≤ 90% 4.89% 5.35%
LVR > 90% and ≤ 95% 5.34% 5.94%
Features Liberty Star Sharp
Maximum LVR 95%
Maximum loan amount** $3,000,000 $500,000
Minimum loan amount $50,000 $100,000
Principal & interest
Interest only***
Free online redraw
Third party account transfers
Split Loans****
100% Offset facility with Visa Debit card##
Additional repayments
Repay weekly, fortnightly, monthly
Owner-occupier & investor
Professional investor
Fixed rate options+
Rate lock option++
Application fee $0 $995
Valuation fee^^ $0 $0
Settlement fee $0 $0
Ongoing fee (annual) $295 $0
Manual redraw fee $50 $50
Discharge fee $395 $395
Professional investor fee### $995 $995
Fixed rate lock fee++ $900 $0

*Quoted rates apply to principal and interest loans. Comparison rates are based on a secured $150,000 loan over a 25-year term. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate.

**Subject to LVR restrictions. ***Interest Only loans are subject to LVR restrictions and interest rates are higher than advertised interest rate. For further information on this product contact us on 13 11 33. ****$0 for loans with ≤ 4 splits. Additional fee of $495 applies for loans with > 4 splits. #The actual interest rate applicable will depend on our assessment criteria. ##Any available redraw funds held in the offset facility connected with your loan account will be used to reduce the amount of interest you pay on your loan. Liberty is not a bank. The offset facility on your loan account is not covered by any Government guarantee. International transaction fees apply on purchases or cash advances while overseas or in Australia when the merchant processing the transaction is located overseas. ATM fees apply for a cash withdrawal at a non major bank ATM or rediATM in Australia. ###Application fee and interest rate loadings apply for company / trust or professional investor applicants with ≥4 properties. +Fixed rates available on request. Offset, redraw, BPAY and third party account transfers not available on fixed rate products. ++Rate Lock option available at $900 (non refundable) to lock the fixed rate for 90 days from date of payment (must be before formal approval). ^Other fees and charges may apply. Contact us on 13 11 33 for more information on fees and charges. ^^Valuation fee not applicable for loans under 90% LVR. Additional valuation expenses may be payable where the anticipated security property value is >$750k, where the security property is in a regional location or for additional securities.